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1. Introduction: You, Our Audience
2. Liberal Media
3. War Profiteering
4. Worker Compensation
5. Terrorism
6. Taxation
7. Epilogue: Jennifer's Choice
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1. You, Our Audience
Billionaires Are the Best People

2. Liberal Media
The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

3. War Profiteering
War Is Money In The Bank

4 Worker Compensation
Helping Workers Hurts Billionaires

5. Terrorism
Not A Problem For Billionaires

6. Taxation
Taxes Are Meant For The Poor

7. Jennifer's Choice
Our Future Hangs In The Balance!

Billionairs For Bush
You, Our Audience
Billionaires Are The Best People
In Our Vision, Our Future, actual Billionaires
explain the unique challenges of living life
with more than a thousand million dollars
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